Sunday, June 28, 2009

in a nutshell

Today, I was a bit shocked when I visited the Museum of Science. In one exhibit, I saw four years of an architecture degree summed up with such terse elegance. I went to architecture school from 2005 to 2009. I think this exhibit was curated in the mid-1980s.
You can decide for yourself, but this place seems oddly totemic for the architectural now...ummmm.

admittedly, not in the same exhibit, but in the same museum [MOS].


[options studio!!!!!!!!]

[the moral right]

[the programmatic camp]

[asymptote and all those amatuer car lovers]

[scott, projections, scott, <3]

[a camp unto itself]

[core curriculum]

[even the exhibit knows]

[important canons]

[torus house, knots, core again]

[circuits / networks / another camp]


[pattern camp]

[stan allen .... chance!!!]


[legacies of bauhaus]

[the optical ceremony camp]

[urban planning]


[architecture by numbers]


[again, the exhibit knows better]

[pattern camp again]

[systems camp...darby's airport for farshid]


[no, it didn't work for me either]

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